Our Farmers Market Schedule
1st Saturday of the Month
at the Monticello Community Center
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

  Specialty Breads Schedule  
    Monday   Thursday  
    Garlic Cheddar   Wild Rice Blue Cheese  
    Tomato Garlic Basil   Jalapeno Cheddar  
    Roasted Onion Rosemary   Spinach Parmesan  
    Cranberry Pecan   Cranberry Pecan  
          Cinnamon Honey Raisin  
    Tuesday   Friday  
    Wild Rice Blue Cheese   Bacon Cheddar  
    Asiago Savory     Random Rye  
    Cranberry Cornbread     Mushroom Smoked Gouda  
    Marble Rye   Raisin Walnut  
    Cherry Walnut   Dark Chocolate Cherry  
    Wednesday   Saturday  
    Apple Pecan   Spinach Parmesan  
    Cherry White Chocolate   Green Olive Mozzarella  
    Beet Feta Walnut   Tomato Garlic Basil  
    Tomato Basil Garlic   Cranberry Pecan  
    Green Olive Mozzarella   Cinnamon Raisin  
    Daily Breads   Daily Pastries  
    12 Grain   Cookies  
    Focaccia   Muffins  
    Honey White   Scones  
Honey Wheat Fritter Breads
    Peasant   Biscotti  
    Baguette   Potica Coffee Cakes  
    Sourdough   Cinnamon Rolls  
  Peasant 12 Grain  (Thur)        
      Croissants (Wed - Sat)        

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